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Cloud Assessment

Using our proven methodology, we will assess your infrastructure or product. Not on the cloud? We’ll tell you how to get there. On the cloud? We’ll tell you how to get the most out of it.

Move to the Cloud Drives Down Operational Cost by Over 50%

MessageOne provides email management, archiving, and business continuity services.

By moving the product to the cloud and taking full advantage of native cloud capabilities, we reduced operational costs by over 50%, and drove down infrastructure costs by over 90%.

Cloud Optimization

Whether you need help with a migration or you want to get the most out of your current cloud solution, our global team will optimize your cloud for your business.

10x Performance, 1/10th the Cost

Optiva Charging Engine is a flexible, robust, end-to-end converged charging solution optimized for the world’s largest CSPs.

By migrating the product to Google Cloud Platform and leveraging Google Cloud Spanner, we were able to improve product performance 10x, while dramatically reducing operational costs.

Methods & Frameworks

We can help you adopt the latest product development, cloud management, and remote workforce methods, leveraging our proven frameworks and tools.

Transform your product to take advantage of the full power of native cloud capabilities.

We've migrated or rebuilt hundreds of products, let us help you.

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