Join us for a VIP event: Sommelier Innovation Series at re:Invent

December 9, 2020 
@ 5 P.M. PST
Cost optimization for the cloud? Ask our cloud experts. Identifying a wine varietal? Ask our wine expert.

André Hueston Mack

MAISON NOIR WINES | SOMMELIER, WINEMAKER, AUTHORAmerican sommelier, winemaker, and author, Mack is the first African American to win the title of Best Young Sommelier in America (2003), and was the runner-up for the title of Best Sommelier in North America in 2004.

What to expect

Our guests will receive curated wines by André Mack and an aroma introductory kit. During the hour-long session, the group will be guided through the elements of flavor and composition to taste wine like an expert.
November 30 –
December 18

A free 3-week 
virtual conference


How AWS Certification Empowers Engineers

By Virtasant

Cloud architects and engineers with AWS certifications are in demand as Amazon Web Services continues to dominate the cloud market. Find out how this learning and education initiative creates new career opportunities for the cloud technician community.

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Our recommended sessions

Jonathan Rodríguez Tissot

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Trilogy

Enterprise/Migration Leadership Session

"Dave McCann, as the VP of Migration, will provide a helpful and entertaining approach on the tools and how they are being used to help customers adopt AWS. Hopefully, something is revealed regarding improvements on Migration Hub to gather data or further integrations with CloudEndure."

Dave McCann

Thu, Dec. 3
11.15AM – 12:15PM (PST)

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Melisa Prolaz

Head of Marketing and Digital, Virtasant

Machine Learning Keynote

"I believe that creating a positive customer experience is equally important, and with the right set of tools companies will be able to do just that. Since it is the first time that we are going to have Machine Learning Keynote, I assume a lot of compelling content awaits us."

Swami Sivasubramanian

Tue, Dec. 8
8:00AM – 10:00AM (PST)

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Ashley Simpo

Managing Editor, Virtasant

Training and Certification Leadership Session

"I love how the re/Start program is connecting with underemployed folks as well as veterans. I think we're missing out on so much in tech if we're not tapping into the potential of everyone - not just a select few."

Maureen Lonergan

Tue, Dec. 8
11:30AM – 12:30PM (PST)

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John Knight

DevOps Lead, Virtasant

Infrastructure Keynote

"The infrastructure Keynote is interesting because it may highlight the directed AWS might go as well as any new advances they might be working on. Looking at new features or services there."

Peter DeSantis

Thu, Dec. 10
8:00AM – 9:20AM (PST)

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James Cross

AWS Architect

CTO, Werner Vogels Keynote

"Werner is the daddy of cloud computing, his insights are always super valuable. Architects everywhere will be looking forward to seeing the new product and feature launches that will impact how they build."

Werner Vogels

Tue, Dec. 15
8:00AM – 9:30AM (PST)

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Javier Garderes

Chief Software Architect, Aurea

Serverless Leadership Session

"Serverless architectures are in many ways the ultimate cloud-native approach. Though the hosting costs of serverless systems can be considerable for large and compute intensive backend systems, eliminating operational costs is always a major advantage."

David Richardson

Wed, Dec. 16
10:30AM – 11:30AM (PST)

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