Scale, Evolve & Modernize

Global teams, proven methods, continuous optimization — on demand and at scale


Our team will leverage our global scale, proven methods, and support infrastructure to manage your applications or your cloud infrastructure.

Application Outsourcing

Leverage our scale and innovation.

Let us manage your applications, from new feature development to infrastructure operations and support.

Constantly Improving a Great Product

Leading companies around the world use Jive intranets to drive productivity, engage their workforce, and achieve breakthrough business results.

By constantly unlocking new possibilities through native cloud capabilities, we've gradually simplified the solution, driving simplicity and scalability while dramatically reducing operational costs by over 75%.

Remote Teams

We will scale up a flexible, fully-distributed, highly-skilled team to support your needs globally, supported by our delivery management, methods, and frameworks.

Remote Talent On Demand

Flexibility. Capability. Control.

Build blended teams, using the best of your organization and ours, supported by our methods and capabilities.

Managed Teams

Global capability, on demand.

Supercharge your organization. We build teams of the best talent in the world, supported by a world-class delivery capability.

New Cloud Capabilities Unlock New Product Features.

SenSage AP is Event Data Warehouse technology that supports data collection from corporate network infrastructure for the purpose of audit, security, and threat detection, as well as to support compliance requirements.

Leveraging the latest machine learning capabilities from AWS, we developed advanced intrusion and anomaly detection algorithms to dramatically improve the ability to detect threats, even those that were not previously known or understood.

Application Modernization

We will constantly modernize and optimize your products and infrastructure to always maximize the value of your cloud, today and into the future.

Continuous Modernization

Constantly Improve. Constantly Evolve.

Let us continuously assess your cloud applications and implement recommendations to increase performance, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the extensibility of your cloud products.

Cloud Insights

Stay ahead of the curve.

Take advantage of our continuous R&D to learn the latest cloud platform capabilities and techniques to apply to your cloud applications.

  • Outsourcing
  • Continuous Modernization
  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Cost Optimization
  • Application Support
  • Dedicated Remote Teams
  • Code Fix/Code Quality

Drive down costs and ensure your application is always getting the most out of the cloud.

We manage hundreds of products in the cloud, let us manage yours.

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A fully-distributed team, supported by our methods and frameworks, to build your product for scale.


Keep up with the rapid pace of change in the cloud to maximize value.