Build Quickly.
Build for Scale.

Whether we build a team for you, or we build a blended team to work with yours, we can help you rapidly bring ideas to life, from concept to deployment.

Product Development

A fully-distributed team, supported by our methods and frameworks, to build your product for scale across the entire product lifecycle from concept to deployment.

Remote Product Development

Scale, capability, experience, methods—powered by remote teams.

We will use the full power of our methods, experience, and global network to build your next solution, optimized for the cloud.

Cloud-Native Rewrite

Use the full power of the cloud.

Streamline your codebase and cut operational overhead by taking advantage of the latest native cloud capabilities.

A Great Product, Reimagined and Simplified

FogBugz is a versatile project management tool
made by developers for software teams. It was a legendary product, but with years of technical debt.

Rather than simply upgrade the product, we worked with the FogBugz team to rewrite the product to a modern AWS architecture. By taking advantage of the native capabilities of the cloud, we turned 1.6M lines of code into 5,000, while delivering all of the core features teams love.

Data Science & Machine Learning

Bring together disparate data in the cloud and use native machine learning capabilities to generate new insights.

Cloud Analytics

Turn data into action, rapidly.

Centralize your data using our proven framework and perform advanced analytics through cloud-based tools.

Machine Learning

Machine learning at scale, delivered quickly.

Derive automated insights using the latest machine learning techniques.

Machine Learning in Less Than 10 Weeks

ZephyrTel is rapidly evolving its industry-leading cloud solutions by leveraging the advanced native capabilities of the public cloud.

We worked with ZephyrTel to deploy advanced machine learning technology to enhance product capabilities, leveraging the AWS machine learning stack, including AWS SageMaker. Leveraging our repeatable ML Factory framework, we were able to go from concept to deployment in less than 10 weeks.

Cloud Strategy & Architecture

We will help you make the right strategic decisions to get the most out of the cloud, and design a cloud infrastructure to support your goals, today and into the future.

Cloud Strategy

Optimize from the start. Optimize globally.

An organization-wide approach to making the most of the cloud, leveraging our 13 years of experience building cloud architectures at scale.

Cloud Selection

Choose the cloud (or clouds) that is right for you.

You have options in the cloud, and we can help you make the right choice for your business.

  • Product Management
  • Product Strategy
  • Technology Architecture
  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Custom Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Mobile Software Development
  • Co-Production/Blended Teams
  • DevOps
  • Design
  • Data Science + Machine Learning/AI
  • Quality Assurance

Build your next great product.

We can bring our team and our methods, or we can work with yours.

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